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One Mann Movies: Glossary


Puzzled by some of the Fad’s terminology?  Here’s a helpful glossary!

BvS quotient:  n   Short for “Batman vs Superman quotient” this is the ratio of the budget of any film to the $250 million lavished on the superhero ‘effort’.  I’m not implying its wrong that someone should spend more on a film than the GNP of Tonga, but use this as a way of illustrating the number of quality lower budget films that could have been made instead.  For example, you could make 10 films with a BvS quotient of 10% instead of “Batman vs Superman”.

A Fadn  A unit of measure related to Film Quality.   A 5 Fad film is truly awesome:  a classic that will be (or should be) regarded as such for years.  A 1 Fad film is truly dire and should be avoided at all costs.

A “Father Ted” film: adj  A film so depressingly sad or morbid that the only thing to do on getting home is to immediately put on an episode of “Father Ted”* to cheer up. * Insert your own favourite TV comedy series (e.g. Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, The Office, etc) here.

A Monkey: n  An additional film clip tacked onto the film either mid-credit or (typically) at the end of the credits.  Most notably in Marvel films.  Named after the first time I noticed it during the original Pirates of the Caribbean where the Fad made his children sit through the interminable credits to see it (to cries of “It’s just a bloody monkey” and much ridicule ever since!).


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