Bob Mann (aka “The Fad”) is 55 and living in Romsey in the UK.  With a lifelong love of cinema, his “Film Reviews” on this site are his own views on films seen at the cinema from 2013 onwards.  “DVD Reviews” are reviews of recent films that slipped through the net at the cinema!  And watch out for Bob’s “Films of the Year” posts in January and the Oscar/BAFTA “Will Win/Should Win” posts in February.

In terms of film ratings, they are measured in ‘Fads’ with one Fad (F) being truly abysmal and Five Fads (FFFFF) being extremely rarely bestowed!

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(Note:  all photos used in the blog reviews remain the copyright of the respective copyright owner of the film being reviewed and are used under the Fair Use policy.  If you are the copyright owner and object to the use, please raise a comment and it will be immediately removed).



13 thoughts on “About

  1. I just read your ex machina review on imdb. I’d love to get notified of new reviews you do. Is this the proper place to ask?

    1. Thanks Tim. There is an option on the front page to enter your email address, but perhaps it’s not obvious enough! (Will try to fix!) I have your email address from the post, so will sign you up now. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Thanks, Bob, for your movie reviews. You are fair, well-spoken, and you do not write with an arrogant attitude.

    Please add my e-mail to your mailing list.


    Dan Pence

    1. Well, thank-you Dan. That’s a really nice comment that’s made my day! There is a “Subscribe” area on the main review page to enter your email address to follow the blog, but I have done that for you so you should have received an email that you need to confirm. Thanks again.

  3. Looking forward to reading more of your reviews. I found your review today of “Far Ftom the Madding Crowd,” the third version of this book-to-film treatment I’ve seen. Your title, X-rated for Sheep” made me bark madly with laughter. Pun intended. I like great writing.
    I like watching films and UK telly programs as they are made available here.
    You, therefore, were a boon of a find.
    All best!

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