So, I ignored what they said see and went to Sin City 2:  A Dame to Kill For.  

Guess I was born at night too.  But not last night.  And not the night before last.

How did it make me feel?  Dirty.  Like the gyrating broads in Kadie’s that make me feel like a guy USED to feel.  Before political correctness.  Or sexual equality.  Or any of that crud.  These writers know that woman are good for more than just washing, cooking and cleaning.  Yeah, they can be good in the sack too, see. (#satire).

And violence.  Lots of violence.  Some of it what sweets would call “Yucky”.  But most like the Frank Miller comic strip that this came from.  Stylised.  Cartoonish.  White blood. Black hearts.  No compassion.

Tales.  Interlocking tales.  Some brief.  Some longer see.  

A posh dame (Eva Green) for most of the time wearing nothing but her smile.  Wrapping men like Dwight (Josh Brolin) round her fingers and her tush like they was toys.   All getting what they deserves.


And then there’s Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). The new kid in town and a card shark.  Boy, that kid can play!  Shame he went up against Senator Roark (Powers Boothe) – that kid sure has guts.  And bones.  And blood.


And then there’s exotic dancer Nancy (Jessica Alba).  Boy, what a body that broad has!  But still grieving for Hartigan (Bruce Willis).  Sin City don’t let noone go easy now.  He appears in the film as a ghost.  A ghost!  Willis?  Who’d ever believe such a thing? 


Nancy, deranged and unable to exact vengeance on Senator Roark as good Nancy.  She needs a makeover.  Like that Sandy chick in “Grease” see?   And the help of hard man Marv (Mickey Roarke).  Hard man indeed:  machine gun bullets seem to have no effect on the dude at all!.

And more tales.  Many more tales.  Perhaps too many for its own good?  And more characters.  Many more characters.  None of ‘em worth a spit and none of them ain’t never been to Sunday school.

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez are the boss guys in charge.  And the design and graphics look as drop dead gorgeous as Nancy in a cowboy hat!  


Sure, we’re seen it before nine years ago.  But no crime there. This time it has 3D, and it ain’t sappy 3D.  This is the top dollar stuff, and well used.  Makes you feel you’re in the shot.  

Like art?  Like graphics?   Like this.   Shame about the portrayal of women.

Fad Rating:  FFF.