This is a very ‘worthy’ film, about an extraordinary moment in history, beautifully photographed by Janusz Kamiński, with a mesmeric performance by Daniel Day Lewis and an equally good performance by Tommy Lee Jones (I was less convinced by Sally Fields). But it is very much a ‘Marmite’ film – some will love it, others will hate it.

A number of people walked out of the cinema (never coming back) in what is a long bladder-testing movie for the most ardent fan; a number more seemed to have been put into a permanent coma. There is lots of dialogue in oak-lined rooms between grey people in grey clothes. And there is little tension in the ending since you know the result!

I agree with Samual L Jackson’s much publicised Twitter rant that it could and should have finished about 10 minutes before it did.

But, as a fan, did I enjoy it as a Spielberg film? Yes I did. Would I go out of my way to watch it again? Probably not. So… all things considered…

Fad Score:  FFFf (3.5).