Tom Shadyac’s latest film is a raunchy comedy – a “sort of sequel” to Knocked Up (which you don’t need to have seen) – about a couple reaching the (ridiculously young) age of 40 and the double whammy of dealing with both growing kids and elderly parents whilst trying to hold down multiple jobs.

Paul Rudd (the thinking Marigold Hotel female’s crumpet) and Leslie Mann (no relation) play the couple in strife very well. Megan Fox is eye candy and the always excellent Albert Brooks – sounding more like Nemo’s dad than ever – is great.

There are lots of very good jokes that will strike strong resonances for most middle-aged couples (and “LOST” fans too!). However, whilst the first hour is great fun, the film at two and a quarter hours outstays its welcome with far too much plot and an excess of gnashing of teeth and relationship torment that – sorry Mr Shadyac – just gets plain tiresome.

Once again (and this is becoming a common FFR complaint) the editing knife should have come out a lot more: imho, any comedy more than 2 hours long needs to be REALLY good, and this didn’t earn enough points to get a humorous extension in my book. Stay however for the brilliant outtake rant of Melissa McCarthy (of Bridesmaids sink fame) during the end credits.

Fad rating: FFF.