OK, so after some very scenic views of Nadine Velazquez to start with (“Hello boys”!) and a very well staged and much trailed ‘incident’ on the flight in question, this settles down into a rather sordid decent in the Minibar elevator to hell central.

Although Den-ZEL Washington was excellent, as always, for me there was a bit too much wallowing in the alcoholic haze in the middle of the film, and I didn’t find the junkie girlfriend storyline very believable or compelling.   However, once we got out of that trough, the film, heated up to a much better (and quite surprising) ending.

A key nagging problem for me was that I could find no morally redeeming features in any of the characters (until the very end) and as such it was difficult to warm to anyone. 

Also be warned that there is some pretty graphic drug taking in this pic.

Finally, a quick mental note to always drop a couple of empty miniature vodka bottles into the trash as I board every flight!

Fad Score: FFFf (3.5).